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The Erasmus+ programme is a continuation of the Lifelong Learning Programme ERASMUS (1987-2013). It has started officially in 2014 and integrated several parallel EU programmes related to the mobility of people at different stages of the education process.

Poznań University of Technology is a participant of the Erasmus+ programme.

The Faculty of Architecture provides a wide range of partner universities offering a current bilateral agreements, which includes both the exchange regulations for students’ mobility in foreign academic centres (both at the first, second and third cycles studies), as well as the academic staff mobility and training trips. Apart from study trips, it is also possible to take advantage of an internship scholarship in a foreign centre, which is directly related to the field of study.


Erasmus + consultations in the summer semester 2018/2019:

foreign students, internships [Ph.D., Eng. Architect Adam Siniecki]: Thursday, 9:00-10:30, room 1 / 601 building A;

Poznan University of Technology students only – room 109 building WAWIZ (ul. Prof. Jacka Rychlewskiego 2, Poznań):
M.Sc., Eng. Architect Agnieszka Kasińska-Andruszkiewicz: Tuesdays, 10:30 am – 12:00 am,
M.Sc., Eng. Architect Izabela Piklikiewicz-Kęsicka: Wednesdays, 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm.

The Erasmus+ programme at the Faculty of Architecture is currently supervised by three coordinators:

dr inż. arch. Adam Siniecki

[foreign student service, recruitment, application]

[Erasmus+ Internship programme Poznan University of Technology students’ service].

mgr inż. arch. Agnieszka Kasińska-Andruszkiewicz
mgr inż. arch. Izabela Piklikiewicz-Kęsicka
[Poznań University of Technology students (without internships), recruitment, application].

Contact with coordinators is possible on designated duty days only.

In addition, students who are staying abroad are under the permanent administrative supervision of the Dean’s office employees.

Email contact for students staying abroad is possible only through the student.put.poznan.pl domain e-mails only to the e-mail address:



Formal supervision over the Erasmus+ programme at the Poznań University of Technology:
Department of Continuing and International Education
Information about the programme can be found on the following website:

In addition, telephone contact is possible:

+48 61 665 35 44

so as the e-mail contact:

erasmus@put.poznan.pl and


More information about the Erasmus+ programme:



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Detailed information on Dept. of Architecture students mobility:


List of bilateral agreements for 2016/2017 [PP]:


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