The mission of the Faculty of Architecture at Poznan University of Technology is to ensure high quality of education at all levels of university studies on the basis of the most recent knowledge, highly developed international cooperation and relations with the region, as well as to ensure professional experience and creative output of the academics. Research as well as research and development works carried out to enhance our knowledge and to work out and implement new architectural, urban and artistic solutions governed with the intelligent and sustainable development and social integration are important components of our mission. Basic factors determining the development of the Faculty are: quality of education, quality of research and publishing activity, cooperation with the surroundings, active presence at the international forum and also the Faculty management in compliance with the standards of strategic management. SWOT analysis was carried out in three, key areas: education, scientific and research activity and management, including the aspects pertaining to the image of the Faculty and its infrastructure.

The development strategy of the Faculty of Architecture is compliant with the development strategy of Poznan University of Technology binding  by 2020, included in the Enclosure to the Resolution no. 114 of the Senate of Poznan University of Technology of 15 December 2010. It also accounts for the legal state specified in the amendment to the Act on Higher Education Law and the assumptions of the national educational policy focused on the application of knowledge to increase the level of civilisation in Poland, in particularly via the application of knowledge in education, economy and culture.