Polish Architecture Students Association - OSSA was established in 1997 as a result of student initiative to spread out their horizons and gain some designing experience.

Z okazji odbywających się w październiku warsztatów OSSA 2009 w Poznaniu oraz 10-lecia Wydziału Architektury Politechniki Poznańskiej w ZAKu przy ulicy Szyperskiej zostanie otwarta wystawa prac studenckich. Wystawa trwać będzie od 12 października 2009 do końca miesiąca.

This year in addition to the standarized workshop formula with architects as tutors, we've invited artists, actors, sociologist and psychologist to join the team.

Our aim is to show, that the real architect is not only an engineering designer, but also a kind of performer that cares what the spectator feels. A responsible creator with a sense of social empathy.

We'd like to point that the emotions like joys, euphoria, doubts, fears, sentiments or longings determine how we treat or even feel spaces. That they do define them as "dreamspaces" or simply nightmares.
The USTA USTA theater performs action-plays, which are to engage bodies, memory and imagination of the audience. There are no comfortable chairs within. Spectators becomes players in acts by, for example sitting in the tight car interior or crating the act continuum with cell phone keypad.
ALEKSANDER MACHALICA (born 7th february 1952 in Pszczyna) is an polish actor of the National Theater in Poznan. He also works with filmmakers. Son of Henryk Machalica (died 2003), and brother of Piotr Machalica, both actors.
FRONT ARCHITECTS (est. 2003) is run by Paweł Kobryński (b. 1970), Wojciech Krawczuk (b.1973) and Marcin Sakson (b.1975), all Poznan University of Technology alumni. Their main aim is finding most practical and rational spaces, yet based on harmony and site & user aesthetic needs. They do design commercial buildings, industrial halls, estate housig, as well as houses, interiors and graphics. In 2007 they stated a kind of manifesto, an experimental proposal of house/shelter for young-old-contemporary-eastern-civilization-man - the Single Hauz. They've also achieved first prize in Poznan based Action-Creation contest in 2008. Same year Wallpaper* magazine put them on the list of "the world's 50 hottest young architecture practices". (Wallpaper* architects directory 2008).
MACIEJ KURAK is a graduate of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture Dept. on Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. Since 1998 he is an assistant in prof. Mirosław Pawlowski' screen print lab at the Academy. Although he never had abandoned graphics, he is known mainly for his site-specific installations. He is a member of artists group Wunderteam. In January 2009 he has been awarded from "Poltyka" magazine with it's Passport Award for achievements in visual arts.
ANDRZEJ CHMIEL recieved his degree in Psychology form Wroclaw University with clinical specialization and extension to Sexuology and Advertising Psychology. He had been studying philosophy for next three years, what he's abandoned to start his PhD degree (graduated 2002). Simultaneously he worked as therapeutist and as academic teacher. In 2003 he became a tutor on Wroclaw University of Technology and in 2004 a trustee of Academic Club of Psychology and Arts. Since 2008 he is working as a director Pedagogics Department. Within his PhD thesis he was interested in problems of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology of motion pictures (especially by Visconti, Lynch and Trier) and mercantylisation of culture and personalities. Nowadays his main researches are based on psychaesthetics within psychoanalysis, analytic psychology and cognitive sciences, what is a base of a project entitled: Analytic Psychology of Architecture.
MAREK KRAJEWSKI is a sociologist and academic worker in Institute of Sociology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, at faculty of Knowledge Sociology and Social Awareness. He specializes himself in sociology of arts and culture, especially in social aspects like consumption, pop culture and media. Since 2001 he is coordinating, together with Jerzy Kaczmarek Workshop for Visual Sociology, which operates in the field of popularizing this new branch of Sociology by making films and presentations that are to analyze contemporary social life in Poland. He has also been a supervisor of some exhibitions and a director of AMS Exterior Gallery project, which had been aimed to popularize the street art as well as to humanize the urban enviroment. He is also a creator of Invisible City project.
TOMASZ KONIOR is a graduate of the Architecture Department at Kraków University of Technology, where he had received a diploma with honors in 1994, and then has had been to established Konior Studio in 1995. He is a co-founder of Architecture Gallery in Katowice, and a TV series Discovering Spaces. He is a second polish architect, who has been awarded to top 44 young european architects. He has also been awarded with Polish Architects Association' Grand Prix for musical education center "Symphony in Katowice". "The Symphony" was also a nominee to Mies van der Rohe award.
BARTOSZ HADUCH ia an architect, academic tutor, publicist, photographer and laureate of 17 architectural competitions (including first place in international competition for European Embassy, which was presented at the European Parliament in Brussels). He has been publishing articles on contemporary architecture in Poland, The Netherlands, UK and China since 2001 (i.e. Wallpaper*, Häuser, Mark-Magazine, World Architecture, Architektura i Biznes). Besides architectural practice he is also involved in industrial design and documentary photography. (i.e. travels to Asia and Africa). Since 2007 he is supervising design and research group NArchitekTURA, which combines urban planing, architecture, landscape design, as well as interior and furniture design, graphics and architectural critic. One of the main aspects in his designs is synergy between architecture, arts and nature.
ROMAN RUTKOWSKI is a graduate of the Architecture Department at Wroclaw University of Technology (MA - 1996, PhD - 2005), where he works as lecturer and design groups tutor on courses for designing comercial buildings, design basics and architectural theory. He has also taken a part of plenty of workshops either as tutor and lecturer. From 1996 to 2002 he practiced in offices in Poland and USA. In 2000 he established a practice Roman Rutkowski architects RR-a. He a laureate of dozen architectural competitions. Since 2006, along with Łukasz Wojciechowski he is running a group called ReWritable Research Team. He is also a critic publishing in architectural magazines (mainly A10), and since 2006 the vice-president of Wroclaw Dept. of Polish Architects Association.
MICHAŁ GDAK is a character, of whom became loud recently. He is a laureate of "Re vital work" competition in Belchatów, and international contest for sculptural concept for Border Traffic Circle in Wroclaw. He has also designed, a completed nowadays, sculpture "Spot Indentification". Gdak, who was born in Kielce in 1980, has finished University of Technology as well as Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, being a visitor student in Valencia and Delft. Young and talented, practiced in offices in The Netherlands and Poland.
LIONG LIE founded a design group 123DV, placed in Rotterdam, in 1999. He is employing 10 people, and works mainly on architecture and interior designs. However 123DV designs also lighting fixtures and furniture. Architects by presenting to their clients a variety of complexed fixtures and ideas are to give them a choice and possibility to pick the best solution. That is why in their projects, for example every conference room differs from one another, and gives specific opportunities. It appears that Liong Lie is very enthusiastic to travel to Poland, and after the OSSA workshop he is going to perform some lectures in other cities throughout the country.
JAKUB SZCZĘSNY has finished his architecture degree at Architecture Dept. of Warsaw University of Technology in 2000. He has also studied in Paris La Defense and Architecture Dept. in Barcelona. He has worked as a artistic director, and illustrator in advertising agencies in Warsaw. Nowadays he co-works with Studio DECO (realizing shop and apartments designs), and first of all he is a part of CENTRALA group.
MAŁGORZATA KUCIEWICZ has been graduated from Warsaw University of Technology's Architecture Department. Since 2000 she is writing about architecture for Fluid magazine, and collaborating with offices for interior designs like Materia and Studio DECO, as well as creating designs on her own. She also belongs to CENTRALA group.
Workshops Factory (WF) is an association for spreading knowledge on digital paradigm in design and investigating possibilities that emerge from associative parametric CAD-CAM environments. WF is involved in experimentation with generative methodologies, parametric modeling and computer aided manufacturing, emphasizing their integrated use from conception to construction. WF is a flexible organization which aims to operate internationally.
ULTRA_ARCHITECTS - architectural practice, established by Marcin Kościuch (diploma 1999 form Poznan University of Technology) and Tomasz Osięgłowski (diploma 1998 from Poznan University of Technology) in 2004. They refer themselves as:

"We are to create architecture in a rational and responsible way, however remembering to keep it emotional."

They're also this year's laureates of prestigious list EUROPE 40 UNDER 40
Tom Weiss was born in 1975 in Wettingen, Switzerland. Prior to attending the postgraduate study in architecture and urbanism at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, where he graduated in 2005, he collaborated with architectural firms based in Germany and Switzerland. Currently he is teaching and researching at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW. He is co-Author of Brussels - A Manifesto. In 2007 he and Rolf Jenni founded Raumbureau in Zurich.

Rolf Jenni. Born in 1972 in Biel, Switzerland He taught in design studios at the ETH Zurich and the University of Applied Science FHNW in Basel as teaching assistant and is engaged in the ETH STUDIO BASEL – Contemporary City Institute since 2007 as researcher and teaching assistant. He has lectured and been a guest critic at the ETH Zurich, TU Delft, the Chu Hai Architectural College in Hong Kong and at the Universities of Applied Science in Basel and Zurich. Apart from his teaching and academic activities, Rolf Jenni has been in collaboration with various architectural firms in Switzerland and Holland since 1997, being involved in a wide range of the architectural practice. In 2007 he and Tom Weiss established Raumbureau - a practice for architecture and urbanism in Zurich.
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// przyjazd studentów i zakwaterowanie / hostel FUSION
// wystawa prac studentów / 10-lecie wydziału ARCHITEKTURY
// impreza integracyjna / klub ZAK

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// śniadanie / hostel FUSION
// zapoznanie się z przestrzenią POZNANIA i podział na grupy projektowe
// obiad
// wykłady wprowadzające w tematykę warsztatów
   /mgr inż. arch. Adam Nadolny
   /prof.nzw.dr hab.inż.arch. Ewa Kuryłowicz
// wieczorna integracja w klubie STARE KINO

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// warsztatowa praca w grupach / stara DRUKARNIA / poznań
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   / mgr inż. arch. Jerzy Gurawski
   /dr inż. arch. Roman Rutkowski
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// warsztatowa praca w grupach / stara DRUKARNIA
// obiad / stołówka JOWITA
// pakiet wykładów
   / Grupa Projektowa Centrala
   / Jarosław Urbański
   / Gustowska
// wspólny wieczór / klub DRAGON

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// warsztatowa praca w grupach / stara DRUKARNIA
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// wieczorny pokaz filmów związanych z architekturą
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// warsztatowa praca w grupach / stara DRUKARNIA
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// impreza / klub BLUBERRY

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// warsztatowa praca w grupach / stara DRUKARNIA
// obiad / stołówka JOWITA
// warsztatowa praca w grupach - przygotowanie do prezentacji

p i ą t e k /23 października

// śniadanie / hostel FUSION
// prezentacja wyników pracy / stara DRUKARNIA
// zakończenie warsztatów OSSA

ul. Zwierzyniecka 3, Poznań

ul. Szyperska 2
61-754 Poznań
tel/fax: +48 61 855 34 83

ul. Zwierzyniecka 7

ul. Św.Marcin 66/72
budynek Alfa

Since 1997, OSSA has been organizing annual architectural student workshops. On October 17-23, 2009 we meet again in Poznan. The theme of our work will be POZNAN'S EMOTIONS!
Participants will face the problem, not only an architektural and urban nature, but also with the array of feelings that urban spaces evoke.
How can one create, change and intensify the emotions connected with a place?
The form of this event slightly differs from previous OSSA editions. The workshops will begin with a remarkable tour around Poznan, and the final result of the work will be coollages, installations, models, photographs, etc...Most importantly, the groups will be led by architects, actors, psychologist, sociologists, artists...The citizens of Poznan will become the co-authors of the projects. The events will take place in the historic building of the Old Print House located in the city center. The participants will be acommodated in the modernistic Alfa complex in the newly opened Fusion Hostel.

Organizatorzy OSSA_POZNAŃ:

Marta Gł
Agata Skibiń

Dostarcza komponenty, systemy oraz zintegrowane rozwiązania oparte na metalach dla przemysłu budowlanego oraz maszynowego. Posiadamy szerokie portfolio produktów wykonanych z metali oraz związany z nimi serwis.Należy do światowej czołówki producentów materiałów budowlanych powstałych na bazie gipsu. Ponad 22.000 osób zatrudnionych w ponad 150 zakładach i przedstawicielstwach firmy produkuje je i sprzedaje, rozpowszechniając markę Knauf na całym świecie.Jest jedną z największych w Polsce firm z branży wyposażenia łazienek. Od 1993 r. należy także do międzynarodowej Grupy Sanitec, największego w Europie producenta ceramiki łazienkowej. Wejście do struktury Sanitec zaowocowało dużymi inwestycjami i szybkim rozwojem firmy.Jest europejskim liderem w produkcji wyrobów z prefabrykatów betonowych, dostarczając kompleksowe rozwiązania dla budownictwa i projektów infrastrukturalnych.Jest jedną z pierwszych firm na polskim rynku zajmującą się profesjonalnie kompleksowymi usługami Facility Management. Zarządza techniką i infrastrukturą obiektu celem utrzymania zainstalowanych maszyn i przedłużenia i żywotności etc.

To marka proponująca tani nocleg w dobrym standardzie, to doskonała alternatywa dla drogich hoteli w centrum miasta.

To take part in workshops send us your application work, entitled
We are waiting for your applications until October 5, 23:59. The list of accepted will be published on October 10, 2009